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We're your one-stop shop, inclusive of all, for private midwifery-led services. Find My Midwife is run by midwives, for families and midwives to connect with each other. Yoga classes, hypnobirthing, pregnancy massage, aromatherapy, feeding support and postnatal recovery services, are just a few of the services our talented Midwives have to offer.

 Whatever your pregnancy, birth or postnatal needs, Midwives with a wealth of additional training, skills and experience are here to support you.

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Midwives understand the pressures and challenges you may encounter in the modern maternity system




Exceptional value, bringing together Midwifery expertise and their own additionally trained services



Midwives have vast lived experience in supporting families physically, emotionally and psychologically



Experts in pregnancy, physiological birth and postnatal support


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Our Founders

Find My Midwife was founded by Sarah and Jenny; two experienced midwives with a passion for inclusion and for putting birthing choices back in the hands of birthing people nationwide. They now help birthing people around the UK find a midwife, with birth-related services that work for them.

If you're in the Wigan/Manchester/Liverpool areas, they can help you personally, with My Independent Midwife – a midwifery service centred around you.