Other recommended Services

While our passion is always to promote and highlight Midwifery Led care, other services listed here may be helpful for you.

We have selected our favourite companies that share our ethos, energy and passion for quality services or products.


Birth Supplies UK

Labour and Birth, Home or Hospital we have the largest range of birthing pools and products for Mums, Midwives, Doulas, Birth Centres and the NHS.


Baby Care TENS Machines

Babycare TENS are manufactures of the highest quality tens machines. We are known for our ergonomic designs and customer focused functionality.


Midwives Hub

Business and equipment support for Independent Midwives


Neils Yard Organics

Natural and Organic health and beauty products


Zest Midwives

Insurance access for Independent Midwives 



Support is Available, Wherever You Find Yourself

Our listed midwives are available to you at your point of need. We're also available with encouragement and support. Just email us at enquiries@findmymidwife.co.uk with any questions.

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