Lucy buddington independent midwife sits smiling while she holds a baby and breastfeeds

a newly born baby lays in its mothers arm, covered with a blanket 

I'm a mother of a baby and a toddler, living in Birmingham, UK, with my husband. My background is in writing, editing and marketing, and I work part time for the Association of Radical Midwives as the Midwifery Matters magazine Editor.

I am a freebirther and follow ancestral parenting practices as much as possible, including: extended breastfeeding, cosleeping and a low tox. lifestyle (although that's a minefield!) I take a cautious; evidence based approach to medical intervention.

I am happy to support birthing women alongside NHS care, or completely independently. I am also happy to provide homebirth services to women who have received all their antenatal care on the NHS but have had NHS home birth services withdrawn. In addition, I work in partnership with other local midwives to ensure continuity of care.





IG: @lucybuddingwood