Having previously worked in the NHS for over a decade, I have experience in supporting women to make the choices that are right for them. I am dedicated to ensuring that your journey into parenthood is given time to be nurtured, enabling you to feel supported and empowered. I believe that every woman's experience is unique, sacred and deserves the utmost care, attention and trust.

As an Independent Midwife, what sets me apart is my commitment to giving you a service which is tailored to YOUR needs and desires. NHS care can sometimes feel rushed and impersonal, I can provide the antidote – warm, compassionate and a truly bespoke approach to childbirth, in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. It is all about YOU!

From the moment you choose to employ my services, I will be there providing guidance, support and knowledge at every step of the way. We will have time to develop a trusting relationship between us. Being able to be your advocate is one of the most powerful aspects of hiring an Independent Midwife. YOUR voice matters. YOUR BODY, YOUR BABY, YOUR CHOICE

ANTENATAL CARE: I will be your confidante, guide and your advocate along this journey to parenthood. I will take the time to understand your unique hopes, fears and expectations for the birth of your baby. I will empower you with knowledge, allowing YOU to make informed decisions and ensure that you are well-prepared, physically and emotionally, for the big day!

LABOUR & BIRTH: I will be by your side to provide continuous support and care. I will be ON CALL only for you from the 37th week of your pregnancy, 24/7. I will work with your chosen birth team to ensure your birth is harmonious and holistic, providing you with emotional support and encouragement.

POSTNATAL CARE: The start of a new chapter, a new phase, a new learning experience. I will still be here to support you adapting into your new role as a parent. I can provide up to 6 weeks of support, visits can be as often as you would like them, and I will be right at the end of the ‘phone for any further support as you may need it. With the luxury of time, I can provide:

·     Lactation support and guidance to establish breastfeeding

·     Newborn care education

·     Emotional support and guidance as you transition into family life

·     Physical and emotional checks to monitor your recovery and well-being.

Keeping you and your baby safe is of the utmost importance in all that I do. I abide by the highest clinical standards and ensure I stay up to date with the latest evidence-based guidelines. I am fully trained to handle any situation that may arise during your baby's birth.


I believe that where and how you give birth, the experience will remain with you for a lifetime. I am here to support you and celebrate with you as you grow your family and make those lasting memories. I am honoured to be a part of your incredible journey.  Welcome to the beginning of your beautiful journey into motherhood.