Midwifery Service Directory in England and United Kingdom

Midwifery Service Directory in England and United Kingdom


Tongue Tie Assessment & Treatment

During your visit we will run through a full history, discuss any symptoms and complete an oral exam.  A comprehensive functional assessment of the tongue will assess the mobility, appearance and specifically how your baby is using it. 

We can observe a feed and can help identify why you or your baby are struggling. 

If a tongue tie is identified and you would like the option of treatment, our experienced practitioner will explain the treatment and the small risks involved.

We will discuss what to expect after the procedure, healing, feeding and aftercare.  We will support you with a feed immediately afterwards.  An appropriate care plan can be put in place if necessary. 

Our fully comprehensive aftercare package, included as standard, means you can contact us via phone, text or email if you have any questions or concerns.  We will happily re-assess in person if needed.

Appointments last approx 45-60mins.


We are fully insured and CQC registered.