The Nurture Mama Ltd, founded by Independent midwife Sophie Robinson, offers a complete range of private midwifery services, with a focus on; cultivating self-trust and self-belief, encouraging pregnant people, birthing people and parents, to stay happily, safely and confidently away from unnecessary intervention, wherever and however they journey through bump, birth and beyond. Guiding people through decision making and ensuring these decisions are evidence-based, are heavily engrained practices for Sophie, but she is a midwife who first and foremost respects personal preferences and wishes.

When accessing The Nurture Mama you are promised kindness, respect, transparency, fairness, patience, equality and of course continuity of care. They are proud to uphold these values and guarantee that they run deep, throughout all their care and support provisions.

Sophie is passionate about heart and soul midwifery and believes that viewing birth as a period of transformation or a rite of passage between significant life stages, that is beyond our conscious control, encourages a pressure free, inclusive and universalised visualisation and experience of birth, for all. She also believes that viewing and inspiring those around us to view birth this way, encourages all to embrace the biological elements of the incredible transformation, rather than attempt to control, manipulate or predict them and that this undoubtedly positively influences any bump, birth and beyond experience.

After working many years in the NHS, across several different areas including birth centre, delivery suite and postnatal ward, Sophie is now keen to pursue her two passions of birth untouched and birth outside medical guidance.

At The Nurture Mama, they value true continuity of midwifery care throughout antenatal, labour and birth and postnatal care. They know that having a midwife known to you and trusted by you, there for you, every step of the way, is essential when pathing the way for a more positive and blissful, bump, birth and beyond experience. One that you will cherish and be proud of.

If NHS care and a hospital birth is going to be part of your journey, from your very first encounter with Sophie she will pave the way for care from everyone, to be carried out with you and your baby at the centre. She will assist you to cultivate self-trust and reinforce the fact that you are the expert in you, your baby's and your choices. She will encourage you to enter into a mutual exchange of information around any decisions you may make, to support you to gather the necessary knowledge, to make your informed decisions and last but not least, she will respect those decisions, and encourage everyone else to do the same. You are in a position of power. YOU are YOUR expert in YOU. If a journey outside of the NHS is what you envisage, then the same principles will feed into all of Sophie's care provisions, in fact this will be even easier to achieve.

If a journey outside of the NHS is what you envisage, then the same principles will feed in to all our care provisions, in fact this will be even easier to achieve. Below outlines what a complete midwifery package here at The Nurture Mama might look like, supporting and or caring for you throughout your bump, birth and beyond journey.

Please feel comfortable contacting Sophie for a friendly chit chat to find out more, you are very welcome!!