My Independent Midwife was established in response to the wealth of evidence around the improved safety outcomes and birth experience when Continuity of Care is implemented. Our dedicated team are passionate about providing you with the best possible care and supporting your choices.

Putting Birthing Choices Back Into Your hands

My Independent Midwife offer a unique, personal service for midwifery. Our talented team can provide antenatal, birthing and postnatal care, in the north west, to keep your choices at the centre of your care. As you give birth, your independent midwife will be at your side, every step of the way. Our packages are designed to empower and support you, while making you feel at ease with the process. Our entire service is based around you. This is your birth and your choices are the ones that matter. We know that continuity support is really important, so we'll get to know you personally, as we make this journey together.

While all chosen modes of birth are supported and celebrated by the My Independent Midwife team, both Sarah and Jenny are passionate advocates for vaginal birth after caesarean section – VBAC – having personally birthed 5 of their own children this way, and facilitated hundreds of VBACs in the home and hospital environment. Additionally, they support both complicated and uncomplicated individualised care plans for birth including breech, IVF, large for gestational age, advanced maternal age, raised BMI and pregnancy beyond 42 weeks gestation. 

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Homebirth - Hospital Birth - Elective c/s 

We can guarantee access to a homebirth,  providing two Midwives and all birth equipment necessary,


support you in your hospital birth as a Midwifery advocate, present throughout labour and birth.

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