Why choose Motter's Independent Midwifery?

Are you fed up of waiting past your appointment time to be seen? Being rushed through the appointment and not getting the opportunity to ask the questions you have or discuss sensitive topics with someone you trust?

Fed up of a different face at every appointment and explaining yourself over and over again?

Confused by the conflicting advice?

And upset that it feels your voice isn't heard?


Well, this is why Motter's Independent Midwifery is for you.

It's time to put you first and get the dedicated care you deserve.

Motter's Midwifery will allow you to have all your appointments in the comfort of your own home at a time that works you for, with an experienced, passionate and devoted Midwife.

We now know that having the same midwife throughout pregnancy has a significantly positive impact on the outcome of pregnancy/birth itself and your experience of pregnancy/birth


My Bio:

Hi, I'm Emma (aka Motters), I live in Dormansland, Surrey (just on the Surrey/Sussex/Kent border) with my Husband Jamie, our two rainbow babies (Izzy and Zach) and our two cats. I love family life but when I get time, my passions; aside of midwifery are gardening and skiing. I qualified as a general nurse in 2011 and it was during a midwifery placement that I witness my first birth. I was so new to the world of pregnancy, birth and babies. I had no idea our bodies were capable of such power, control and just pure awesomeness! As I watched this incredible mum birth her daughter I instantly knew I wanted to learn everything about pregnancy/birth. I qualified as a midwife in 2013 and never looked back.

Over the last 10 years I have worked across all areas of midwifery but my passion is infant feeding and the ability to care for women and their families in the comfort of their own homes. I was a Homebirth midwife within a local trust for over 4 years. Having the ability to truly focus on one woman with no distractions makes the world of difference to the care she receives and therefore the outcome of her pregnancy. My decision to move away from the NHS to practice independently has been the most exciting decision. Although the NHS has many great elements to offer women and their families, I feel due to its size, staffing, workload and local policy I'm unable to provide the high level standard of care I strive for. I have an overwhelming passion for advocacy; to communicate, to listen, to care and to fully support the woman's individual choices.

My Philosophy :

Pregnancy is an incredible journey that needs love, support and nurturing by all involved. It is neither a medical condition nor an illness. It is a physiological process that on occasion needs some intervention but on the whole we are designed perfectly for.

I therefore aim to ensure you receive a high standard of care throughout your individual pregnancy journey. I will be your advocate, your voice, your guidance, your support and your friend.

My motos:

  • Pregnancy and birth is an incredible journey – let it be your best.
  • Your body! Your baby! Your choice!