Hi, I'm Midwife Katie,

I am a practising Midwife in the NHS with 17 years of experience. I have worked in many areas of the NHS during this time. The majority of this time was spent on the delivery suite in a senior role, giving me great insight into the maternity system and now how to navigate it.

I am also a mother of three beautiful and crazy boys. After having Postnatal Depression (PND) with my first son, I wanted to try and prevent it from happening again. This led me to look into Hypnobirthing.

As a midwife, I was always curious about those who Hypnobirthed. Those who used it, always seemed so calm and confident. Even if they had to navigate interventions or changes to their birth plans. Their birth partner would be so involved and know what they needed to do.

Midwife Katie was created to help you have the tools and knowledge to get the best start towards a positive birth. I offer face-to-face group classes, 1:1 classes and power hours. Whatever you want to know about pregnancy and birth, I can help you.

Services coming soon:

· Birth Debrief

· CPR training

· Hypnobirthing refresher courses