Independent Midwife Ninette Hume sits smiling holding a newborn baby

A mother is sat in a birth pool holding her newborn baby and reaches up to kiss her partner

My philosophy is very simple. I believe woman are the experts in the realm of childbirth. All pregnant women have instincts that need to be nurtured, so they are empowered to care for themselves. The more information and access to reteach-based knowledge pregnant women are given, the more intelligent their decisions.

A woman should feel comfortable and content with her choices to remove fear and doubt, thus enhancing her pregnancy.

My role as midwife is one of listening, caring, observing, informing, supporting, facilitating and assisting the pregnant woman to achieve “childbirth” to her optimum desires

Full care

A complete package to nourish you and your baby throughout pregnancy, birth and the early days. This includes everything in the two packages below, plus your birth. All antenatal appointments, antenatal classes, attendance at your birth, postnatal care and breastfeeding support. 

I am always on call for you 24/7 until your baby is born. You can contact me via phone or email between appointments to ask questions or share concerns. 

I will support you throughout your labour and birth and stay with you until you are settled in bed with your newborn baby. When you birth at home we will have the support and assistance of another midwife.

Antenatal care 

Antenatal care in your own home from the time you feel you need support. I will monitor you health and the health of your baby's. We will discuss your individual needs, explore birth options and choices. I offer an extended session preparing you for birth using a ‘beaded birth line' giving us the opportunity to explore all eventualities and a session to prepare to feed your baby.

Also available as a one off appointment to discuss anything you wish during your pregnancy.

Antenatal birth chats can also be held virtually via phone or video call if you do not live nearby.

Postnatal care

I offer frequent visits to your home for the first two weeks. After that the frequency of visits will depend on what you and your baby need. These visits will include breastfeeding support, checks for emotional and physical wellbeing. It also includes weighing your baby regular and routine newborn screening if desired.