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I'm Beth… Mama, wife and midwife… and crazy German Shepherd owner. 
I've been a qualified midwife for 8 years and have gained a huge wealth of knowledge in that time. 


I trained in Suffolk and witnessed my first home birth as a student midwife with my wonderful community mentor. This confirmed to me where my midwifery career needed to head. 

Upon qualification, I moved to Essex - where I spent the majority of my time working in a standalone birth centre amongst the most gorgeous, supportive team. 
I consolidated a huge amount of my knowledge as a newly qualified midwife in this environment and witnessed so many beautiful home and birth centre births.

I then took the move out to Dubai and spent 18 months working within a high-risk labour ward environment. I treasure the memories and experiences I had in this role, but it confirmed that this wasn't the environment for me to continue in. 
Moving back to the UK (two days before worldwide covid lockdown!!) I briefly worked in Surrey - setting up a new home birth team, then moved a few months later to Hampshire to work in a case loading home birth and birth centre team. 

I then had my daughter in 2021 and experienced wonderful midwifery care from my midwives and best friends, but sadly didn't get the home birth I had planned. I understand the pain that may come from not achieving the birth you wish, and the impacts this makes on future pregnancy and birth planning. This is also why I'm so passionate about antenatal education, as I really believe if you go into your birth well informed and educated, you can do anything. 

It's a cliche saying, but being a midwife is in my blood and I really cannot imagine doing anything else and would absolutely love to be able to support you on your journey.